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Explanation and demonstration method of DC130’s AE/AF LOCK button function

December 06, 2023
Explanation and demonstration method of DC130’s AE/AF LOCK button function
  1. *This video is a demonstration of AE/AF LOCK in action

  2. 1.Introduction

AF/AE LOCK (Autofocus/AE Lock) is an important option in the camera's features that allows the photographer to lock the camera's autofocus and autoexposure settings while framing a shot. This feature is useful for special shooting situations and creative photographic effects.

2. What is AF/AE LOCK?

AF/AE LOCK is a feature that taps half of the camera's trigger by pressing the shutter button, then adjusts focus and exposure, and finally locks these settings to remain constant later in the framing process. This allows photographers to reframe their shots without having to worry about changes in autofocus and autoexposure.

3. Usage Steps

3.1 Activate AF/AE LOCK

Put the camera into shooting mode and make sure the camera is in autofocus (AF) and auto exposure (AE) mode.

Aim the frame at the subject you want to focus on and meter.

Tap the shutter button to cause the camera to autofocus and autoexpose.

3.2 Lock Settings

While touching the shutter button, keep it pressed.

Seeing the focus point in the frame turn green (or other indication) indicates that the focus is locked.

At the same time, there may be an exposure lock indication on the camera screen to indicate that the automatic exposure is locked.

3.3 Reframing

Hold the shutter button lightly to reframe the shot, adjust the angle and composition of the camera.

At this point, the focus and exposure settings remain locked and will not change.

3.4 Shooting

When the composition is satisfied, deeply press the shutter button to take the photo completely.

Once the shutter button is released, the camera will resume autofocus and autoexposure.

4. Applicable Scenarios

Portrait photography: When shooting portraits, by locking focus and exposure, you can ensure that the focus is on the person's eyes while avoiding exposure changes due to different compositions.

Backlit shooting: When shooting backlit scenes, you can use AF/AE LOCK to lock the focus and exposure in case the camera is readjusted by the brightness of the background.

Creative Composition: For creative photography that requires multiple compositions, AF/AE LOCK gives photographers the freedom to compose shots without the constraints of autofocus and exposure.

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