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《Explanation and Demonstration Method for DC600 Telephoto and Wide-Angle Focus Buttons》

August 18, 2023

1. Location:

This time, we take the DC600 camera as an example. The position of the button is on the side of the camera lens. We can see the position of the camera from the front, which is in the lower right corner of the lens.


2. Function:

The button activates the corresponding function by sliding. There are two options for the function:

(1) (Near focal length) One is the focal length within the range of 3cm to 15cm;

      · Push up when using, the button is on the top, and you can recognize the icon of a flower

(2) (Far focal length) One is the focal length from 15cm to infinity;

      · When using it, push it down, the button is at the bottom, and you can recognize the icon of a mountain.



3. How to use this function and product features:

· When in the position of (1), we can shoot the subject at a close distance; when in the position of (2), we can shoot the subject at a long distance, up to infinity.

· The user can quickly adjust the focal length of the far and near, which is handy when using the camera, and is convenient for the operator to carry out photography work.

· Only need one finger to slide the button lightly, you can quickly adjust the function and complete the selection of the required function.

· When we want to quickly take some close-up effects (for example, the background is blurred except for the main subject), this function can help creators boldly create photography, and is the best choice for beginners and amateur photographers good choice.

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